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RAB successfully recovers for a variety of retail industries including credit cards, revolving accounts, installment loans, medical, petroleum, auto, and deficiency. While each type of debt may require a different approach, RAB can provide outstanding recovery in all retail collections.
We apply our vast knowledge of the insurance industry when pursuing medical accounts. When contacting deficiency accounts, one of the more difficult because of lack of debtor motivation, our persistence and pleasant attitude deliver results. While collecting credit card debts, which are usually high balance, our collectors skillfully arrange repayment plans with the account holder.
It's obvious that RAB collectors have finesse. Our collectors show understanding to the debtor while persistently pursuing client interests. Collectors are trained in negotiating reasonable repayment, the balance in full, or a settlement. Our collectors are conscientious about maintaining contact with debtors and arriving at an equitable resolution. Our toll-free phone number encourages call backs.
Unit managers ensure that recovery goals are being met and that technology such as skip tracing is properly utilized. RAB's experienced managers and highly-skilled collectors work as a team to deliver maximum results for clients.


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Gretchen Pumphrey, Vice President of Operations, has been with RAB since 1996 along with Bruce Long, Retail Collection Manager. They continue to provide excellent service for our retail clients and consumers. Bruce has been with RAB since 1987.